Academy Program: Week 4

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Who is Richard Feynman?

What about computing?

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Pretotyping vs prototyping

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  • Innovators beat ideas.
  • Pretotypes beat productypes:
  • Data beats opinions: Test your ideas and gather data.
  • Doing beats talking.
  • Simple beats complex.
  • Now beats later
  • Commitment beats committees.

Testing, testing, and breaking things

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  • Simian Army: Inject failures into the production environment to see how it reacts, instead of simulating in a test environment.
  • Running code coverage in production
  • Canary Army: A way of verifying new features and changes in production, push changes to a small number of instances.
  • Software Engineer in Test: In charge of refactoring code to make it easy to test, focus on development, and develops test automation frameworks.
  • Test Engineer: Focus on functional tests, and mainly in user scenario testing, focused on product and user, read and debug product code and write test code.

Breaking things helps us build immunity

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  • Create a hypothesis about how a system should behave when something goes wrong.
  • Create the smallest possible experiment to test your hypothesis.
  • Measure the impact of each stage looking for signs of success or failure.

Pretotyping example: Tested Ideas


IDEA 1: Track and recommend course prices Courselet

IDEA 2: Gas price tracker app

IDEA 3: Knowledge exchange app

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Engineer looking to help and contribute. Learning about Software development and Computer Science.

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Eduardo Ahumada

Eduardo Ahumada

Engineer looking to help and contribute. Learning about Software development and Computer Science.

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